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Welcome to Technology


The technology department at Heart Lake offers an exciting hands-on approach to teaching technological studies.

The grade 9 our Exploring Technologies course is the gateway to all of the above Technology areas, providing hands-on fun in the different areas of technology. It covers the design process as applied to a wide range of fun and exciting projects from building cars to electronics, to using computers to design and build other exciting projects.

In the areas of broad base technology, we offer subjects in the following areas:

  • Transportation - covering auto mechanics, welding, and other areas of transportation, Technological Design – where students design and build items ranging from kitchen models to complex wood products
  • Communications Technology – where students explore areas in graphic design, video, animation and broadcasting.


In the Computer Studies area, we offer courses in the following areas:

  • Computer Programming and Computer Science where students study computer software development, and have the opportunity to explore areas in computer game design and programming of mobile technology.
  • Computer Engineering Technology where students study electronics, computer networking and computer hardware.


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