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School Council
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Heart Lake Secondary School Council


Article 1 – Name

A.    The organization shall be known as Heart Lake Secondary School Council, hereafter HLSSC or as “the Council.” Hereafter, Heart Lake Secondary School shall be referred to as HLSS.

Article 2 – Non-Profit Organization

A.    The HLSSC will operate without financial gain for its members. Any profit to the organization will be used in promoting its purposes.

B.     The HLSSC shall operate any fundraising activities in strict accordance with Peel School Board policy.

Article 3 – Purposes

The objectives of the HLSSC will be to help support and enhance the learning environment for all students by:

A.    Enhancing the lines of communication among parents and/or guardians, administrators, teachers, and students in the school community.

B.     Providing a forum for input into educational matters for members of the school community.

C.     Providing a vehicle for transmitting parental ideas, recommendations and concerns to School Board committees or to the Peel Board itself.

D.    Assisting in the building of an all inclusive community working together in the interest of Public Education.

E.     Meet with Superintendent of Schools and Trustee for the creation of a school and Principal/Vice-Principal profile.

F.      Encourage and promote school based services and community partnerships related to social, health, safety, recreation, and nutritional programs.

Article 4 – Meetings

A.    The HLSSC will hold meetings on a regular monthly basis whenever possible with a minimum of three (3) meetings per semester, hence, a minimum of six (6) meetings per school year.

B.     The first HLSSC meeting of the new school year will be referred to as the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM will be chaired by the previous school year’s Chair or by their delegated official. The HLSSC elections shall take place within the first 30 calendar days of the start of the school year at the AGM. Notification of the AGM shall be included with the June report cards, sent to the Grade 8 feeder schools within the HLSS Course selection materials, and posted on the HLSS Message Board located outside adjacent to the building’s front entrance.

C.     A Quorum for a regular HLSSC meeting shall consist of one (1) school administrator or designate and 50%+1 of the number of voting members where the majority of members present are parents/guardians.

D.    There must be an agenda for every HLSSC meeting. The agenda should be distributed to members no less than 48 hours prior to the next meeting. Agendas are made by the Chair and/or Co-Chair. The Principal and/or other school community members may add items to the agenda up to 24 hours prior to a HLSSC meeting.

E.     All HLSSC meetings must be minuted and kept for a period of four (4) years at the school for public accessibility.

Article 5 – Voting Parent Members

A.    The school council:

a.   All parents may attend and participate in School Council meetings

b.   All parents are eligible to be elected to voting positions on the School Council

c.   There is a minimum of 6 parents elected to voting positions on the School Council

d.   Elected positions that vote may not exceed 10 elected members

e.   Elected Voting Members will add their names to an Official Voting Members List at the AGM

f.    Elected Voting Members will agree to attend school council meetings with consistency.

g.   Motions of high importance and/or other matters of an official or serious nature must be voted upon by members of the school council whose names appear on the Official Voting Members List.

h.   Parents who attend a school council meeting who have not been elected to a voting position may vote on all matters that are put to a vote at the school council meetings as a means to express their views or positions. However, for matters where an official vote of the council is required, the voting outcome of the elected members will be recorded separately from the overall vote.

i.     The HLSS Principal will advise the school council on the seriousness of a motion and/or other matter for which an official vote is necessary.

j.    Other school council elected positions that vote include:

                                                                                                  i.      1 Community Representative – designated by the Elected Voting Members

                                                                                                ii.      1 Teacher – elected by the teaching staff of HLSS

                                                                                              iii.      1 Support Staff Member – elected by the support staff of HLSS

                                                                                              iv.      1 Student – elected by students

B.     The Nomination Forms must be submitted to the AGM for all HLSSC Member positions. Any parents/guardians of students that attend HLSS may vote for members at the AGM.

C.     Elected Executive Council positions shall consist of the following:

a.       The Chair, or Two (2) Co-Chairs, shall:

                                                                                                  i.      Preside at all meetings of the Council and any Subcommittees with the usual privileges of the office.

                                                                                                ii.      Be the representative of the Council to the Peel District School Board.

b.      The Vice-Chair shall:

                                                                                                  i.      Be created in the absence of Co-Chair(s) position.

                                                                                                ii.      Perform duties of the Chair in her/his absence.

                                                                                              iii.      Assist the Chair as required.

c.       The Secretary shall:

                                                                                                  i.      File an accurate record, including attendance, of all the proceedings of all meetings of the Council.

                                                                                                ii.      Forward within ten (10) days and distribute the minutes of all Council and Annual meetings to:

1.      Each member of the Council.

2.      HLSS office

                                                                                              iii.      Notify all Council members of any nominations and amendments to the Constitution one (1) week in advance of the AGM.

d.      The Fundraising Co-ordinator shall:

                                                                                                  i.      Select and present fundraising opportunities to Council for approval. Once approved, they coordinate and follow through the selected fundraising activity(ies) to completion and present the outcomes to Council.

These positions may be shared with the consent of the elected Executive Council


D.    Filling Vacancies:

a.       The election results shall be kept on file by Council for the year. In the event of an elected person(s) departure, the person who placed second in the elections will have the first right of refusal for that position.

Article 6 – Sub-Committees

A.    A sub-committee shall be formed whenever the need arises such as for fundraising and/or community advocacy.

B.     Each sub-committee shall consist of a Co-ordinator and any School Community member(s) who wish to participate.

C.     Progress reports to be made at all Council meetings.

D.    The Co-ordinator shall:

a.       Consult with the Council when necessary at HLSSC meetings.

b.      Keep a detailed record of pertinent information and budgetary matters.

c.       Submit all records to the Council at the conclusion of the event.

Article 7 – Duties of the Community Representative

A.    The HLSSC shall from time to time assign a community representative to specific tasks.

B.     The Community Representative must report to the HLSSC on progress and outcome of the specific task as directed by the Council.

C.     The Community Representative may receive remuneration for assigned tasks.

Article 8 – Order of Business

A.    The regular order of business at all meetings of the HLSSC, when not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws of the HLSSC, shall be as follows:

1.      Call to Order

2.      Attendance shall be taken

3.      Read Agenda

4.      Election of nominated (at AGM)

5.      Installation of elected members (at AGM)

6.      Receiving and approval of minutes

7.      Business arising from the minutes

8.      Reports:   Principal


Student Representative(s)


Community Representative(s)

9.      Amendments to the Constitution (at AGM)

10.  Unfinished business

11.  New business

12.  Adjournment

Article 9 – Conduct of Meetings

A.    When a member intends to speak or submit a motion, they shall raise their hand and be recognized by the Chair, confine themselves to the subject and avoid personalities*. (*see page 7, By-Law 2)

B.     The Chair may request motions to be submitted in writing with names of the mover and a seconder, except: A motion to adjourn, a motion to adopt minutes of the previous meeting, or reports of committees.

C.     The decision of the Chair in all cases of dispute, subject to an appeal to the meeting, shall prevail.

D.    Only two (2) amendments to a motion are permitted.

E.     When a question is before the meeting, no other motion shall be in order, except: To adjourn, or to postpone indefinitely, which motion shall have precedence in order named.

F.      Questions shall be decided by a show of hands.

G.    No member shall speak for a second time to a motion, until all members desiring to speak once have done so and not more than twice in any case without permissions from the Chair.

Article 10 – Council Responsibility

A.    The HLSSC does not accept any responsibility for any unauthorized debts incurred by any individual member.

Article 11 – Conflict of Interest

A.    HLSSC members have a duty to declare to the Chair/Co-Chairs that they are in a conflict of interest situation. A conflict of interest may be actual, perceived, or potential:

Actual:     When a school council member has a private interest that is sufficiently connected to her or his duties and responsibilities as a council member that it influences the exercise of these duties and responsibilities.

Perceived:          When reasonably well-informed persons could reasonably believe that a school councilmember has a conflict of interest, even, where, in fact, there is no real conflict of interest.

Potential:  When a school council member has a private interest that could affect her or his decision about matters proposed for discussion.

B.     A HLSSC member may occasionally find him- or herself in a conflict of interest position regarding an issue under consideration by the council. When this happens, the member must declare that she or he is in a conflict of interest situation and leave the room for that portion of the meeting. The member will not vote on any decision made on the issue.

C.     A member shall not accept favors or economic benefits from any individual, organizations, or entities known to be seeking business contracts with the school.

Article 12 – Conflict Resolution

A.    If a HLSSC member(s) or individual(s) become disruptive during a meeting, the Chair shall ask for order.

B.     If all efforts to restore order fail or the unbecoming behavior continues, the Chair may direct the individual(s) to leave the meeting, citing the reasons for the request.

C.     The removal of a member(s) or individual(s) for one meeting does not prevent the individual(s) from participating in future meetings of the HLSSC.

D.    The incident shall be recorded and submitted by the Chair to the Superintendent of Schools, and copied to the Principal and the involved parties, within one (1) week of the meeting.

E.     Following the removal of the member(s), the Chair, Principal, and suspended member(s) will meet within a two (2) week period to discuss a resolution to the dispute. An attempt will be made to include any disruptive individuals who are non-members.

F.      If there is no resolution to the dispute, the Superintendent of Schools shall be called by the Principal to act as mediator.

G.    Any resolution reached at the meeting to resolve the conflict shall be signed and respected in full by all parties to the agreement. This resolution shall remain privy to those involved.

Article 13 – Amendments

A.    Any proposed change or addition to the constitution must be submitted in writing to the Chair or Co-Chair(s) at least two (2) weeks prior to the AGM and placed on the agenda. The change must be presented in motion form and passed by a two-thirds majority at the AGM with a minimum of five (5) members in attendance.


Heart Lake Secondary School Council


By-Law 1:      A member shall consider the best interests of all students.

By-Law 2:      A member shall limit discussions at HLSSC meetings to matters of concern to the school community as a whole, and not concerning individual parents, students, Board employees, trustees, or other council members.

By-Law 3:      A member shall be guided by the school’s and the school board’s mission statements.

By-Law 4:      A member shall act within the limits of the roles and responsibilities of a school council, as identified by the school’s operating guidelines, the school board, and the Ontario Ministry of Education.

By-Law 5:      A member shall become familiar with the school’s policies and operating practices and act in accordance with them.

By-Law 6:      A member shall act in a non-judgmental manner and treat all other members respectfully.

By-Law 7:      A member shall encourage a positive environment in which individual contributions are encouraged and valued.

By-Law 8:      A member shall acknowledge democratic principles and accept the consensus of the council.

By-Law 9:      A member shall use established communication channels when questions or concerns arise.

By-Law 10:    A member shall promote high standards of ethical practice within the HLSSC environment.


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