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​BTT1O0 Grade 9  Information and Communication Technology in Business

This course introduces students to working with information and communication technologies that are used in the business world.  Because digital literacy skills are so necessary in our technology driven society students will learn techniques which will be applicable in other courses and in dealing with the business world in the future. Students will develop word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, desktop publishing and website design skills.  Throughout the units students will learn about ethics and social responsibility, focus on effective use of technology and discuss current issues. All this culminates with a large digital project which allows the students to demonstrate the skills they have acquired throughout the semester by developing and idea and a business proposal for a summer camp.

Prerequisite: None 




BBI2O0 Grade 10 Introduction to Business

This course introduces students to the business world using a survey style that allows students to experience many different aspects of business in one course.  Students develop an understanding of the different functions of business including accounting, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship and international business.  Throughout the units, students learn about ethics and social responsibility and develop an understanding of how business is involved in our everyday lives.  The personal finance unit helps students learn to take control of their own finances and gives them some practical skills they can use in the future.  Students are able to demonstrate their understanding through a variety of ways including group work, tests, presentations and projects.

Prerequisite: None




BAF3M0 Grade 11 Financial Accounting Fundamentals

This course introduces students to the fundamentals principles and procedures of accounting.  Students will develop financial analysis and decision-making skills that will assist them in future studies and/or career opportunities in business.  Students will acquire an understanding of accounting for a service and a merchandising business, computerized accounting, financial analysis, and ethics and current issues in accounting.

Prerequisite: None



BDI3C0  Grade 11 Entrepreneurship: The Venture

This course focuses on ways in which entrepreneurs recognize opportunities, generate ideas, and organize resources to plan a successful venture that enables them to achieve their goals.  Students, will create a venture plan for a business of their choice.  Through hands-on experiences, they will have opportunities to develop the values, traits, and skills most often associated with successful entrepreneurs.

Prerequisite: None



BMI 3C0 Grade 11 Marketing:  Goods, Services, Events

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of product marketing.  Students will learn how valuable marketing is to many aspects of business.  Students will learn how to identify and profile consumer groups, conduct and analyze market research and the process of designing a new product.  All of this before the traditional advertising normally associated with marketing.  Students will look at promotions and advertisements and learn how to identify and use key marketing strategies used in the types of ads they see every day.  Because we are surrounded by marketing efforts in our everyday lives this is a great course to help students be more critical about what they are seeing. 


Some example projects are:  Looking at fads and trends; product testing; studying logos; the buying process; designing your own packaging; design, create, price and market a carved pumpkin or Easter basket (depending on the season).

Prerequisite: None



BAT4M0 Grade 12 Financial Accounting Fundamentals

This course introduces students to advanced accounting principles that will prepare them for post-secondary studies in business.  Students will learn about financial statements for various forms of business ownership and how those statements are interpreted in making business decisions.  This course expands students' knowledge of sources of financing, further develops accounting methods for assets, and introduces accounting for partnerships and corporations.  

Prerequisite: BAF3M0



BBB4M0 Grade 12  International Business Fundamentals

This course provides an overview of the importance of international business and trade in the global economy and explores the factors that influence success in international markets. Students will learn about the techniques and strategies associated with marketing, distribution and managing international business effectively.  This is a project based course, which requires personal initiative, teamwork, organization and time management skills.


Some projects include:  Leading class discussion for a day; Stock challenge; Studying business aspects of a country of your choice.

Prerequisite:  Any U, M or C level course in business studies, English or Canadian and World Studies



BOG4E0 Grade 12 Business Leadership:  Becoming a Manager

This course helps students prepare for managerial positions in the future. Students will focus on developing core skills required to become successful managers, including operations management, inventory control, marketing, financial planning, scheduling, and communication. Students will explore the challenges of hiring, training, and motivating employees, and complying with legal requirements.

Prerequisite: None



BOH4M0 Grade 12 Business Leadership:  Management Fundamentals

This course gives students an opportunity to develop planning, leading, and communication skills through a variety of projects and activities.  Students will learn how to effectively use their leadership skills to manage a team of employees.  Sample activities in the class include holding a press conference, planning a fundraiser, assessing website content, as well as a variety of team building activities.  The final project will have students use best practices from existing leading corporations to develop an ideal organization, which they will showcase in the form of a 3-D model and recruitment video.


Prerequisite: Any U, M or C level course in business studies, English or Canadian and World Studies



CIA4U0  Grade 12  Economics:  Analyzing Current Issues

This course explores the choices that individuals and societies make about the use of resources in a competitive global economy. Students will learn about the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, apply economic models and concepts to interpret economic information and investigate marketplace dynamics. Students will use economic inquiry and communication skills to analyze current economic issues and make judgments based on their analysis. 

Some topics include:  studying economic indicators that inform us of what is happening in the economy; looking at unemployment and its effects on society; types of economic systems; supply and demand; changes in pricing; production; gross domestic product; policies the government can use to affect the economy.

Prerequisite: Any U or M Grade 11 course in English or Social Science and Humanities or Canadian World Issues


IDC4U0 Grade 12 Yearbook (Marketing, Photography, Communications Technology and Project Management

This course takes students through the journey of creating an actual yearbook.  Through this hands-on, real life experience, students will planning, creating and selling a product (the yearbook) to the student body.  Specifically, they will learn project management skill, fundamentals of marketing and accounting, photography, Photoshop, computer design layouts, and journalism.  

Prerequisite: None

Recommended Preparation:  prior course in Communication Technology or Media Arts




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