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CGC1DE  Grade 9 Issues in Canadian Geography

This course looks at the relationships between Canada's natural environment and its people, in more depth and detail than the academic class.  In this course you will explore Canada's different physical environments, Canada's connections to other countries, how Canadians use and exploit our resources, how Canadian cities are changing our land, and how we can make improvements to our environment.  Students will also be giving the opportunity to develop their group-work skills and be encouraged to go above and beyond the expectations.

Topics: Canada's Physical Environment, Canada's resources and industries, Canada's changing population, and Canada's livable communities.

Prerequisite: None


CHC2DE Grade 10 Canadian History

History is about change; changing times, ideas, and people. This course looks at the events and experiences that have shaped Canada into the country we know and love today!  By looking at the major events and themes of the past 100 years, and by taking a hands-on approach, students will be able to make connections between the past and the present, in more depth and detail than the academic class. Many of the changes that happened long ago are the basis for our lives today. Students will also be giving the opportunity to develop their group-work skills, look at topics of interest, and be encouraged to go above and beyond the expectations.

Topics: War, Peace, Foreign Relations, Politics, and Economy

Prerequisite:  None


HSP3UE   Grade 11 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology

This course will engage students in the study of humanity from the perspectives of anthropology, psychology, and sociology.  Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to reflect upon what makes human beings a unique species, the influences society and culture have on human behaviour, the impact the media has within society, issues of mental health and well being, the impact social institutions have on your life, and the challenges facing human culture and society.  Through discussions, debates, research, experiments and reflection, this course will enable you to become familiar with current theories and perspectives on a range of issues within the social sciences.

Topics: Culture, mental health & illness, the brain, and serial homicide

Prerequisite: CHC 2P0 or CHC 2D0


HZT4UE  Grade 12 Philosophy: Questions and Theories

In this course students will examine the big questions in life surrounding what is real, how do we know, what responsibility do we have towards each other and how do we live together in society.  Students will hone their critical thinking and analytical skills while employing various philosophical theories to understand ethics, politics and the way we think.  Students will learn to read and write critically while applying theories in creative ways using various sources of media.  While learning these theories students will engage in debates and presentations; they will compose essays and will complete assignments where they can employ their own creative strengths. Prepare to have your brain hurt in a good way.

Topics: Logic, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Ethics, Social Political, and Aesthetics

Prerequisite:  Any U or M Grade 11 course in English or Social Science and Humanities or Canadian and World Issues

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