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Remembrance Day At Humberview

Remembrance Day At Humberview

​The Humberview Remembrance Day assembly for students and staff will be livestreamed in order to make it more inclusive for our Humberview families, and those students who are unable to attend. Please see the link below



Our Humberview Family Remembers

Remembrance Day Assembly Itinerary



Monday November 11th

Period 1 Start time is 8:40 am to approximately 9:28 am

Period 2 Start time is 10:00 am to approximately 10:48 am

The time allotted for each item in the assembly has been estimated, and may vary slightly depending on the transition time needed between items.


Assemble into Cafeteria - Humberview Family Slideshow & (Dan Rollings) Wind Ensemble 10 minutes

Introduction/Welcome – School Principal Peter Hill (Please stand - Anthem)                        1 minute

Canadian National Anthem – Dan Rollings Band/Vocal Class                                                              2 minutes

Why We Remember – Guest Speaker Captain Anisha Chandra                                              10 minutes

Animation by Michael Snel 2013 "Tommy" (Darren Richards Graduated Student)                  1 minute

Indigenous Veterans Power Point (Student - Cristian Morelli to read captions in French)                3 minutes

Poetry Reading – Students Brooke Ross (French) & Yuvraj Panaich (English)                      3 minutes

Animation by Michael Snel 2015 "A Soldier's Toughest Battle" (Darren Richards Graduated Student)                                                                                                                                                                          2 minutes

Vocal Class - In Flanders Fields - Dan Rollings                                                                                        5 minutes

Drama Class - Bring Him Home - Charlene Cook                                                                         5 minutes

"Please stand for the laying of the wreath, the Act of Remembrance, The Last Post, Silence, and the Rouse".

Laying of the wreath – Student Cadets (standing)                                                                        2 minutes

Act of Remembrance – Student Cadet Adam Capone (remain standing)                                1 minute

Last Post – Student Alex Brown (remain standing)                                                                     1 minute

Silence (remain standing)                                                                                                                            1 minute

Rouse – Student Alex Brown (remain standing)                                                                          1 minute




"In keeping with Remembrance day today, the Act of Remembrance, the Last Post, silence and the Rouse by Alex Brown will take place 'live' over the P.A. starting at 10:58am today. Thank you for attending our 'Humberview Family Remembers' assembly. Please return quietly to your class."

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