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Booking Appointments For Course Changes

Booking Appointments For Course Changes

​ Please see information below regarding any course changes and the process on how to contact your guidance counsellor for this school year as the process has changed.

 Your child has been assigned a Guidance Counsellor based on their last name. Guidance Counsellors can be reached as follows

Online Students Ms. Stokes, ext. 417, [email protected] Course Change Request: https://forms.gle/k83PQvb6NxwmJxCG8 

Last Names B-G Mrs. McCauley ext. 414 [email protected] 
Course Change Request : https://forms.gle/YHQwwiaUZrQrXDiV7 

Last Names H-L Mr. White ext. 419 [email protected] Course Change Request : https://forms.gle/uH3UWnsGHes7WE6n9 

Last Names M-R & T Ms. Matson ext. 415 [email protected] Course Change Request : https://forms.gle/VUiM8x2oheD8PSyU9 

Last Names A, S & U-Z Mr. Maskell ext. 413 doug.maskel[email protected] 
Course Change Request : https://forms.gle/H4g6c5zKvsw2ryH49 

Vocational 1 & 2 Students
Mrs. Krauter ext. 512 [email protected] 
Mr. Cresswell ext. 574 [email protected] 
Course Change Request (Grade 11 & 12 only): https://forms.gle/T6tKsTtp67F3Mm557 

Please note that for the 2020-2021 school year, course change requests must be done using the form above. Students will not be permitted to come into the Guidance Office to request changes. Thank-you for your understanding.

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