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What is a SHSM?

A Specialist High Skills Major is a program that allows  students to focus their courses on a career path that matches their interests and individual skills.

It is expected that many SHSM Transportation students will have an interest in areas including automotive service, heavy equipment, industrial / mechanical engineering, and other skills based technical programs.


What courses do you take?

- 4 "Major" credits  in Grade 11 and Grade 12  - Transportation + Manufacturing / Robotics / Design Technology

- 3 supporting credits in English, Math, Science / Business in Grade 11 or 12 

- 2 credits in Cooperative Education (Fall / Winter / Summer option)


Students will need to build their timetable in consultation with their Guidance Counsellor in order to meet all the SHSM Transportation requirements. 


Students will complete 4 compulsory certifications that are specific to the transportation sector:
- Standard First Aid

- CPR 'C' Training

- Health & Safety Basic 


Students will also have the opportunity to complete 3 or more sector recognized elective certifications.

Reach Ahead Experiences

These experiences enable students to make informed choices about future careers or post-secondary destinations in the transportation sector.  Experiences can range from interviewing an employee to visiting an apprenticeship facility to attending college or university classes. Some Dual Credit programs at community colleges may also be available. 


Experiential Learning Opportunities


These planned learning activities take place outside of the traditional classroom and can include: job-shadowing, job-twinning, work experiences or field trips. 


Possible Career Paths

Apprenticeship: Automotive Transmission Technician, Heavy duty equipment Technician, Recreation Vehicle Technician, Truck and Coach Technician, Truck-trailer Service Technician, Automotive Service Technician, Motor Vehicle Body Repairs, Motorcycle Technician, other automotive and small engine repair technicians, and more

College:  Air Pilots, Industrial Designers, Boat Assemblers, Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineering Technologists, and more

University: Aerospace Engineer, Industrial Engineer, and more

Workplace: Aircraft Assembly, Railway Yard and Track Maintenance, Tire Repair and Service, Heavy Equipment Operator (except crane), and more


For more information about the Humberview Transportation Specialist High Skills Major,
contact Mr. Jhajj (Lead Teacher) at ext. 427 or the Guidance Department.
TRANSPORTATION COURSE PATHWAYS CHART:  Transportation SHSM Pathways chart[1] (1).pdf
Ministry of Education SHSM Transportation website: 


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