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Grade 10-12 Course Selection

January 11th to February 24th 2021


Students will select their courses for the 2021-2022 school year in My Blueprint.  Course plans can be created now and students can submit their course plans from January 11th to February 24th.  All course selections require parent / guardian approval which will be done in a digital form in My Blueprint.


Master Course Selection Presentation

Master Course Selection Presentation.pdf

Explaining the move from ENG3 to NBE3 NBE3U.pdf


Course Selection Planning Forms

Grade 10 - Grade 10 Course Selection 2021-2022.pdf

Grade 11 - Grade 11 Course Selection 2021-2022.pdf

Grade 12 -  Grade 12 Course Selection 2021-2022.pdf


Department Information Videos / Presentations

** Students should be logged into their Peel Google accounts to access files


Arts / English / Modern Languages -

What you want to know about Writer's Craft EWC4U -

Business Studies  Business Course Options 2021.pdf

Humanities & Family Studies Family Studies Courses_ 2021-2022 School Year.pdf

Mathematics Mathematics Course Selection 2021 (1).pdf

Physical Education - Phys. Ed. Course Selection 2021-22 .pdf

Science - Science Courses and Pathways (1).pdf

Social Sciences Social Sciences - Course Offerings.pdf

Technological Education - all areas

Communication Technology


Specialist High Skills Major Video

Students should be logged into their account

Specialist High Skills Major Presentation

Students should be logged into their account

SHSM Information.pdf

SHSM Program Overview can also be found in Quick Links

Pathways:  Transportation  Transportation SHSM Pathways chart[1] (1).pdf

Pathways:  Health & Wellness  HW SHSM Pathways chart[1].pdf

Pathways:  Environment  Environ SHSM Pathways chart[1].pdf


Specialist High Skills Major Registration Forms

Students should be logged into their account

General Overview:  SHSM Application Cover Page.pdf

Registration Form:

Deadline:  Friday, January 29th 2021


Guidance Counsellors will be available to support student course selections via in-person / phone / virtual appointment.


Last Names A-B

Mrs. Reale ext. 418    [email protected]


Last Names C-G

Mrs. McCauley ext. 414    [email protected]  


Last Names H-L

Mr. White ext. 419     [email protected]  

 Last Names M-Q  

Ms. Matson ext. 415   [email protected]  

Last Names  R-Z 

Mr. Maskell ext. 413   [email protected]


Vocational 1 & 2 Students

Mrs. Krauter ext. 512    [email protected]  



Course selection is a continual process and should be based on an individual student's interests, abilities and goals. To assist with this process, students are strongly encouraged to speak to their teachers about proposed classes, read course descriptions online or in the Common Course Calendar, talk to their counsellors and parents, and speak to students who have previously taken these classes. Students choose their classes online—a password is required which can be obtained through the school.


Career Research

Students are encouraged to consult the following online resources prior to choosing their courses: Username | Password : contact your guidance counsellor.


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