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Grade 9 Course Selection

 Welcome to Humberview!  We are looking forward to meeting you!


Humberview Secondary School is an exciting, vibrant school full of engaging academics and extra-curricular activities.  Have a look inside the 'View and learn more about our Grade 9 program here:


Due to current limits on indoor gatherings, our annual Grade 8 Open House has been cancelled for 2020.  


Grade 9 Courses

- English

- Math

- Science

- Geography

- French

- Physical Education

- 2 optional courses


Grade 9 In-Board Course Selection Planning PackageHumberview SS In-Board Course Planning Package.pdf


Grade 9 Out-of-Board Course Selection Planning Package Humberview SS Out-of-Board Course Planning Package .pdf

De-streamed Courses: 

All Grade 9 compulsory courses at Humberview will be de-streamed.

English - Math - Science - Geography - French

The curriculum expectations in these courses are the same for all students and prepare the students for further study in Grade 10 in the pathway of their choice.  

Other Types of Courses: 

Locally Developed

These courses lead to Workplace pathway courses in Grade 11 and 12, and are offered in English, Math and Science. Locally Developed Compulsory Credits are designed to meet students’ learning and career needs not addressed by the Ontario curriculum. These courses are designed for students whose knowledge and skills require additional development before enrolling in academic and/or applied courses in grades 9 and 10. 



The curriculum expectations in these courses are the same for all students and prepare the students for further study in certain subjects, for example Grade 9 Business Technology or Physical Education.


Registration & Course Selection

Students currently attending a Peel school should consult with their Guidance Counsellor and the Peel website to verify which school they will attend for Grade 9.  Peel students will select their courses in My Blueprint ( in the month of December. If a student wishes to apply to a regional program outside of their home school, they are required to select courses at the home school first, during course selection in December. If selected for entry into a regional program, courses at the home school will be removed.  Check your home school here:


Students currently attending a school outside of the Peel Board are asked to contact the Humberview Guidance Office in January to book a registration appointment. 

If you or your child have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Course selection & programming:

Shannon McCauley, Head of Student Services

[email protected]   ext. 414

School registration (out of board)

Lisa Everett, Guidance Office Assistant

[email protected]   ext. 412

Special Education & Vocational Programming - Level 1 and 2

Erma Quintal, Head of Special Programs

[email protected]  ext. 422  


Course selection is a continual process and should be based on an individual student's interests, abilities and goals. To assist with this process, students are strongly encouraged to speak to their teachers about proposed classes, read course descriptions online or in the Common Course Calendar, talk to their counsellors and parents, and speak to students who have previously taken these classes. Students choose their classes online—a password is required which can be obtained through the school.

Career Research

Students are encouraged to consult the following online resources prior to choosing their courses: Username | Password : contact your guidance counsellor

Course Changes

Once a student chooses a course, they are expected to remain enrolled in that course, unless there are special circumstances. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers and counsellors, should any difficulties and/or challenges arise.

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