Advanced Placement
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Regional Advanced Placement Program - Course Structure at John Fraser S.S.

Grade 9 and 10 AP - Prep Courses

Students begin preparatory groundwork for senior AP courses. The core curriculum covers Languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Sciences.
Specifically, in grade 9, they are required to take:
 English AP-prep
 French AP-prep
 Mathematics AP-prep
 Science AP-prep
 Geography AP-prep
Specifically, in grade 10, they are required to take:
 English AP-prep
 Mathematics AP-prep
 Science AP-prep
 History AP-prep
 At least ONE optional AP-prep course *
*Optional AP—prep courses in grade 10 are: French, Computer Science Principles, or Capstone.

Grade 11 and 12 AP Courses

Students choose a minimum of 2 and a (recommended) maximum of 5 AP courses in their senior year while preparing to write AP exams if they choose to. The senior-level AP Program courses maximizes flexibility by allowing students to pursue subjects of their choosing. Many courses are offered, even bi-annually, in order to provide numerous AP learning opportunities. Students choices and course selections, dictate what is offered in any given year.​

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