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Environmental Club


To conserve, restore, and enjoy our environment, throughout our school and community!




To spread awareness around the school, and to get students more involved with the environment.



The Environmental Club as around 30 members. The group does various activities in and outside of school. They work with the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA) as well as many other environmental organizations.

Projects Completed:

  • Hosted EcoBuzz 2003 & 2005
  • Created recycling boxes with recycling symbol, and placed them all over the school
  • Implemented an Ecomentors group and Ecoaction team
  • Participated in this year's Sawmill Valley tree planting and Jack Darling native wildflower planting
  • Established an environmental column in the school newspaper
  • Recently hosted a HUGE recycling week, where money was raised for the club’s activities; collected many items like hazardous batteries, teddy bears, old cell phones, and other items to be specially recycled; held a bake sale; gave away a composter; promoted proper home recycling with games and prizes; and much more

Projects in Progress:

  • We are involved with PEYA
  • Regular woodlot clean-ups near our school
  • Maintaining an informative display board with student information on our environmental events and activities
  • Participating in the NEW and improved Ecoaction Teams program
  • Planning a canopy tour in Halliburton

Future Projects:

  • To complete a naturalization project around our school
  • To attend the annual Ontario Envirothon
  • CN Tower stair climb for the WWF
  • To do community litter clean-ups in parks and neighborhoods


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