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Law Club



The John Fraser Law Club is offered to all students from grades 9-12, whether you are taking a law class or not.  Throughout the year, we take part in many law-related activities such as mock trials, debates, legal discussions, guest speakers, forensic simulations, and field trips.  We have gone to the courts, law breakfasts, and a half-way house.  This club offers many leadership experiences outside of school such as Forum, Model Parliament, and the World Issues Conference at Upper Canada College. The Law Club requires you to bring leadership, communication and teamwork skills. We also need you to be punctual and committed. Many law club members leave the club with a deep knowledge of the law, and further build their teamwork and leadership skills.  If you want a career in the law or simply have a passion for the subject, we encourage everyone to come participate in this club and try something new.  It is an experience you will never forget!

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