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Peer Coaching



Peer Coaches are senior (grade 11 and 12) students who provide support to their fellow students in a variety of ways. Grade eight students are all assigned a Peer Coach who meets with them in small groups or individually to help them make a smooth transition to high school. Other students meet with a Peer Coach when they want to be able to talk to someone their own age who understands their situation and will listen and, maybe, help them do some problem-solving. Peer Coaches lead activities that help students feel better connected to our school community. Some Peer Coaches are also trained as Peer Mediators and can assist students who want to solve a problem they are having with another student.

Peer Coaches are people who are interested in helping others. They may be planning to go into a helping profession such as medicine, psychology, teaching, policing, etc. Students who would like to become a Peer Coach must go through an application process and then participate in a weekend training camp. Training continues bi-weekly at our meetings.

Peer Coaches must be committed and willing to attend ALL meetings throughout the school year. They must be willing to work hard to develop the basic counselling/listening skills they will need in order to work with their student-clients. They must be willing to give up half of at least one lunch or one spare-period to meet with clients each week.  They must be mature and capable of working with others while maintaining confidentiality.

Peer Coaches work hard, but the rewards are great, too. In helping others, you will learn to help yourself, and maybe make a difference in someone else's life along the way!

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