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Positive Space



The purpose of the Positive Space is to be an inclusive community for everyone at John Fraser Secondary School, regardless of their sexual orientation and to promote social justice for all. Another part of our mandate is to raise the awareness of same sex issues in our school. Our meetings consist of discussions and activities centered around topics such as: heterosexism, relationships and political issues. The students and teachers who come to Positive Space represent all different sexual orientations.

In order to model fairness and equality and to create a positive environment at our meetings, the group has agreed, by mutual consent, to abide by certain rules. Some of these are:
- be mature about what's said in the meetings ;
- respect each others' ideas and comfort levels;
- you may choose not to speak on any given topic;
- always be open-minded.

You are free to leave at any time during the meetings, if you wish. We also respect the confidentially of everybody and we make no assumptions regarding anyone's sexual orientations.
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