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ICS2O: Gr. 10 Introduction to Computer Studies


 This course introduces students to all the fundamental computer science concepts.

The concepts learned apply to any programming language.

(I.e., learning other programming languages on your own will be much easier.)


Students interested in any computer-related career will benefit from this course.

Why?  The more complex aspects of business software (spreadsheet and database) also use these same programming concepts.



ICS3U: Gr. 11 Introduction to Computer Science


This course is recommended for students interested in a Computer Science career.

It introduces students to all the fundamental computer programming concepts.


Concepts are the same as those covered in ICS2O0, but they are explored in greater depth and detail.


This course is the recommended prerequisite for Gr. 12 Comp. Sci. (ICS4M0)



ICS3C: Gr. 11 Introduction to Computer Programming


This course will provide students with the knowledge to design their own Internet websites using HTML.


Students will also be provided with the skills to program in Flash to build dynamic user interfaces, cartoons, and stream audio and video.

Microsoft Office software functions and their ability to augment website content will be explored.

Note: this course replaces ICS3M7 Website Design and Flash Programming.



ICS4U: Gr. 12 Computer Science


This course continues on from ICS4M0.  Students will explore programming concepts in greater depth.

It is an excellent preparation for a first year post-secondary comp. sci. course.

(A first year course will seem like review to you!)

Programming is in both Visual Basic and Flash.

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