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Science plays a very important role in our lives; it provides an explanation of all
aspects of the world as well as the knowledge needed to develop many modern technologies.
The impact of Science will continue to grow many years into the future. Science connects
with many other areas of study, including mathematics, technology, geography, and other
areas of social studies. Science is more than the acquisition of knowledge or facts for
their own sake. It is also important to understand how that knowledge can be applied and
to practice the scientific method, the means by which scientific discoveries are made.
Communication of scientific ideas is also a key requirement, whether in the form of
presentations and debates, or written reports and essays.
The Science programme at John Fraser Secondary school promotes three goals for all
· to understand the basic concepts of Science
· to develop the skills, strategies and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry
· to relate science to technology, society, and the environment.





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