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Technology at Fraser


John Fraser Secondary School offers a wide variety of technology courses. The courses we have displayed here are Transportation Technology, Communication Technology, Integrated Technology, Technological Design and English/Media.



Communication Technology


This course examines communications systems and design and production processes in the areas of electronic, live, recorded and graphic communications. Students will create, manage, and distribute complex electronic, graphic, recorded or audio-visual projects independently and in project teams. Students will also study industry standards and regulations and health and safety issues, and will explore careers, the importance of lifelong learning and the impact of communications technology on society and the environment.
















This course emphasizes knowledge and skills that will enable students to understand media communication in the 21st century and to use media effectively and responsibly. Through analyzing the forms and messages of a variety of media works and audience responses to them, and through creating their own media works, students will develop critical thinking skills, aesthetic and ethical judgement, and skills in viewing, representing, listening, speaking, reading and writing.








Technological Design


This course requires students to design and develop innovative products and services. Students will learn how to identify user needs related to specified design problems, the physical properties of selected materials and their application in product design, techniques to create physical products and services, various presentation techniques, how to test and evaluate design solutions and the implications of technology on the development of products or services. They will also become aware of design-related careers.


Grade 10 Portfolios










Grade 11 Portfolios







Transportation Technology


This course examines alternative modes of mass transit to enable students to develop the specialized knowledge and skills required to work with sophisticated land, air and/or marine vehicles and transportation systems. Students will solve problems related to vehicles and transportation systems, examine transportation-related issues such as energy conversion, power transfer, control systems, and environmental and societal impact and investigate the educational requirements of career opportunities in the transportation sector.











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