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Our Mission

Our mission describes our school's purpose. Our vision depicts our desired future. The principles needed to achieve our mission and vision are articulated in our values. Finally, the actions we need to demonstrate to make our mission, vision and values a reality are described in our collective commitments.

We have developed these statements in collaboration with our staff, students and families. They are part of our School Success Plan.


To provide inspiration, hope, guidance and pathways for students to be successful and productive citizens in society. To prepare each student for a successful future in the world of work and in the pursuit of lifelong learning.


Students, parents and staff share a commitment to and pride in providing students with the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to be successful in the workplace and in life. We will work towards being a leader in the use of technology, through professional development for staff on embedding the use of technology throughout the curriculum. We will welcome students to use personal and school-based technology appropriately to support their learning.


  • We are committed to providing a caring and safe environment to ensure all students can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become productive
  • compulsory co-operative education in grade 12, where students will be encouraged and supported to find a pathway-specific workplace experience.
  • recognition and valuing of student learning through the attainment of a Graduation Portfolio.
  • literacy as a cross-curricular focus including industry related vocabulary.
  • a secure, safe and respectful environment in which to learn through the exploration of the school's Character Attributes.

Collective Commitments

Staff Commitments

  • professional development in the area of literacy development.
  • consistent enforcement of the Judith Nyman S.S. Code of Conduct.
  • provision of a Graduation Portfolio for all graduating students who meet the criteria.
  • on-going upgrading of skills and knowledge of industry standards by shop teachers.

Student Commitments

  • a respectful, safe learning environment.
  • high expectations of themselves as learners.
  • to represent the school well and have high expectation of themselves in the workplace (co-operative education).
  • to develop their literacy skills to the best of their ability.

Parent Commitments

  • supporting the Judith Nyman Code of Conduct.
  • supporting their child's success by encouraging good attendance and commitment to learning.
  • valuing the skills, attitudes and knowledge attained in an applied learning environment.
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