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Share Our Spirit (SOS)

This youth support group

is in full swing. Come discuss issues important to today’s teens with Nilla. Connect with youth in the Arctic! Enjoy guest artists. Earn community service hours.


3:02 pm to 4:30 pm


New members welcome!



University/College Fair

Visit the fair as universities and colleges from across Ontario provide important information on their programs and admission requirements.

Oct. 25, Pds. 1 & 2

Universities: Cafeteria

Colleges: Library

Parents welcome!



Interact Club

Induction Ceremony

Nov. 6, Period 1




StAR Conference

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education at the Ontario Leadership Centre in Orillia, this 2-day conference was attended by four Lincoln students under the guidance of Ms. Smith. Selected for their involvement in Urban programs and leadership skills, these students will develop a research project over the next few months that explores the impact of Urban on Lincoln students.

Congratulations to:

Tyesha Esterine

Manal Hassan

Joseph Lawrence

Isaac Fiachie



Intramural Athletics

The fall season for Intramurals is under way with over 150 students participating in the following sports:

Girls Ball Hockey: Pd. 3

Boys Ball Hockey:

after school

See Ms. Miller.


Boys Basketball: Pd.3

See Mr. Whelan.



Math Tutors

Need extra help in math! Visit the math tutors:

Period 3 – Room 131

Period 4 – Room 125

Extra help provided daily.  All students welcome! 



Family Wellness Symposium

November 16, 2013

10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Cafeteria / Classrooms


Parents and students are invited to attend this family wellness symposium focusing on mental health issues. Come hear guest speakers address topics of personal well being relevant to today’s youth. Discover community resources and support services available in the Malton community.


See Ms. Wilson, Social Worker, in the Counseling Department or Ms. Singh in the Math Department for more information.



Breakfast/Lunch Program

Served daily in Room 127:


7:45 am to 8:15 am


Period 3 – first 20 minutes

Period 4 – first 20 minutes



Upcoming Events:

Boys & Girls Group: Oct.15

Parents Night: Oct. 17

Gr. 9  Breakfast: Oct. 22

Lincoln Stars: Oct. 30


Listen to the announcements about upcoming School Clubs! Get involved!

Student photo
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