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The Guidance Team

The Guidance Team

Every secondary school student is expected to participate in creating an Individual Pathway Plan (IPP), which is designed to prepare students for their post-secondary pathway and programs of their choice.  

PDSB students are provided with a program called MyBlueprint to develop their IPP.  Each year, students are expected to complete various activities in this program to help them understand their strengths, interests, personality type and learning style, research suitable post-secondary programs and occupations, and plan their high school courses based on what they have learned about themselves, the post-secondary programs of interest and the occupations they would like to pursue.

In MyBlueprint, students can create a number of different high school plans to see how different high school course selections will affect their graduation and which post-secondary programs they are eligible to apply to.   Only the courses in their official high school plan will be used for their next year timetable at Lorne Park.   We encourage parents and students to use this tool year round to research and help make decisions about high school courses and post-secondary programs.  Parents can also access MyBlueprint and link to their child's account.  Please click here for Getting_Started_Guide_for_Parents.pdf

Students will have a window from December 9, 2019 to January 15, 2020 to submit their course requests for next year, using MyBlueprint.  Prior to this, Guidance staff will present at grade specific assemblies to inform students of the course selection process and encourage students to choose their courses in a thoughtful and reflective manner, using the information from their IPP activities.  A course fair will be held on December 5 for students to learn more about the courses offered at Lorne Park.

As partners in your students' education, we encourage you to discuss their IPP, work through the grade-appropriate activities together and select next year's courses in a thoughtful manner.


The Guidance Team at Lorne Park Secondary

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