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At Lorne Park Secondary School, we provide program enhancements that have a fee associated with them. The program enhancements offer students opportunities outside of their academic classes. Often these experiences become the most memorable part of a student's school career. The student activity fee for the 2019/2020 school year is $30.00. This amount will be used for: 


$15.00   Student Activity Council activities such as intramurals, student club subsidies, special events for student clubs and subsidies for the extracurricular music program. 
$15.00  Athletic activities such as prizes for intramurals, subsidies for extracurricular tournaments, transportation costs, and referee fees. 

We also offer students the opportunity to purchase a school yearbook for $35.00.  


Students who choose to join athletic teams during the school year will be charged a sport specific fee to support specific team costs. 


School Council Contribution 

Parents are also invited to consider making a contribution to the Lorne Park School Council fund raising.  School Council is an elected group of parents who use funds to support student learning and the learning environment at Lorne Park.  Funds are used to support the annual Graduation ceremony, to bring in guest speakers for student workshops and to purchase equipment that supports extracurricular activities.  Any amount of contribution is greatly appreciated. 


Student Activity Fees for 2019/2020 

($35)   Yearbook                                    

($30)  Student Activity Fee    

($30)  School Council Donation




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