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General Information (What is AP?):


Advanced Placement Exams are subject-specific exams offered by The College Board every spring.  They are set at the grade-12 level, and are graded on a scale from 1 – 5.  Scores ranging from 3 to 5 can lead to many academic advantages/options for the student. 


Why AP?


  1. Academic rigour: AP offers a legitimate and measurable enhancement for highly motivated students.  It should be of particular interest to those in the gifted program. 
  2. Flexibility:  Because AP is subject-specific, and there is no prescribed program to follow, students can choose which exams they would like to write, according to their strengths and interests.
  3. Transitional opportunities:  AP can help expedite university because scores of 4 or 5 will often allow students exemptions from first year courses in that subject.  AP can also ease the transition to post-secondary education, because the student will experience a university-level examination while in high school. 
  4. Risk free:  Though there are many benefits to the experience, there is no risk to the student.  If the student's result is unexpectedly low, it can be suppressed.  There is no obligation to reveal the mark if the student is not satisfied with it. 

Important Dates:

​February 13th - deadline to register for an exam and pay (cheque for $91 US to Lorne Park SS)

May 4th - Exams begin​


AP Canada:  http://apcanada.collegeboard.org




Lorne Park AP Contacts:


Mr. MacKay (AP Coordinator) 

[email protected]

(905)278-6177 ext 740

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