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About Co-op


What is Co-operative Education?

  • Co-op is a program that integrates classroom learning with practical experience in the workplace. Co-operative education allows students the opportunity to learn through experience.

  • Students prepare for their work placement and for the future through classroom instruction. Topcis include : Resumé and Interview Preperation, Health and Safety, First Aid and CPR, Communication Skills, Career Planning and Labour Laws.

  • Through the work placement experience, students are provided with an opportunity to experience the practical expectaions of the job, the demands of the workplace, and the expectaion of employers in this changing and competitive work world.

    Benefits of Co-operative Education :

  • Earn secondary school credits
  • An opportunity to explore a career and acquire marketable job skills
  • Gain valuable career-related experience and employment references
  • Make informed decisions about educational and career plans
  • Obtain experience required for admission into many post-secondary programs

    The Lorne Park S.S. Co-operative Education Program :

    Co-operative education is a unique program that allows students to explore career paths and opportunities while earning secondary school credits.

    The Co-op Program at Lorne Park S.S. is designed to meet the individual needs of each student. To enhace learning and development, each student is provided with a personalized learning plan that identifies specific learning tasks and expectations. The co-operative education teacher works closely with the placement supervisor to moniter the development if skills and personal growth of each student.

    Program Options and Details :

    Prior to beginning a placement each student must complete the three (3) week pre-placement sessions.

    Work placements start in the 4th week of semester and continue for the next fifteen (15) weeks.

    Students work Monday through Friday, returning to school to complete bi-weekly integration sessions.

    Key Elements :

  • requires a personlized learning plan
  • involves the earning of credits
  • requires pre-placement orientation
  • is monitored by the co-operative education teacher
  • integrates classroom and workplace learning
  • involves freflective learning
  • involves students assessment
    click here for more information about the key elements of co-op

    4 Credit Option :
    Students earn 4 credits based on a full day at the work placement. Due to the time requirements students are not enrolled in other courses for that semester.

    Dual Credit Program at Sheridan and Humber:
    Dual credit programs offer grade 11/12 students the opportunity to earn both college and secondary credits through a combined college and high school experience. Click here to learn more about what the dual credit program has to offer.


    Course Outline
    Click here for the Co-op course outline.

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