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From Cooperative Education and Other Forms of Experiential Learning, Policies and Procedures for Ontario Secondary Schools, 2000 document.



  • Comply with all company rules as to dress, safety codes, work schedule, and policies
  • Work in a courteous, responsible, and business-like manner and show appropriate initiative
  • Observe and comply with the rules and regulations of the placement and the school, including confidentiality requirements
  • Comply with school attendance policies in both the placement and classroom sessions
  • Submit assignments as required
  • Inform the placement supervisor and the cooperative education teacher in advance if they are unable to report to their placements
  • Participate in the development and implementation of their personalized placement learning plans
  • Participate with their supervisors and teachers in the assessment of their own performances
  • Complete their course requirements to obtain credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Work with teachers and supervisors to ensure that problems are dealt with immediately


  • Provide a safe working and learning environment
  • Designate one employee to be responsible for supervising and evaluating each student
  • Provide students with written or oral feedback after an employment interview as part of the learning experience
  • Help develop personalized placement learning plans by identifying workplace applications
  • Provide orientation and workplace health and safety training
  • Provide challenging learning experiences that will encourage personal growth and develop career goals
  • Help students function as an integral part of a team


  • Sign the Work Education Agreement to identify who provides WSIB student coverage
  • Are familiar with and follow accident reporting procedures
  • Assist the cooperative education teacher in developing realistic and challenging personalized placement learning plans for their students
  • Become familiar with students' strengths and the areas in which improvement is needed
  • Direct and guide students' learning through on-site supervision
  • Acquaint students with company personnel and procedures
  • Provide placement-specific safety training
  • Report student absences to the cooperative education teacher immediately
  • Contact the cooperative education teacher when concerns arise
  • Work with students and teachers to ensure that any problems are dealt with immediately
  • Review and sign the daily logs at the en of each week
  • Jointly assess student progress with teachers, and provide written performance appraisals
  • Complete the program effectiveness survey
  • Share their expertise with students
  • Help students function as an integral part of a team
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