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Enhanced Program


Lorne Park Secondary School is a regional centre for the education of gifted students who have been declared exceptional (intellectual-gifted) by the Peel District School Board’s Identification Placement and Review Committee (IPRC).


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Enhanced students from Green Glade, Hillcrest and Tecumseh Public Schools all attend Lorne Park as do their academic and applied level peers.  As well as these schools, we receive applications and students from a number of Catholic and private schools.

Lorne Park is a school that takes pride in its academic programming, excellent athletics department and strong arts programme. Not to mention its dedicated teaching staff and administration, its strong school spirit and its supportive parent community.



At Lorne Park there a number of opportunities for enhanced students, which include:

    • Enhanced courses at every grade level in each of the core areas: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

    • Where possible, separate enhanced classes are scheduled so that enhanced students are able to work together with students at the same academic level.

    • Students are often able to work through the standard curriculum at a more rapid pace, thus allowing time for studies of a greater depth and breadth than in a regular academic class.

    • Leadership opportunities outside the classroom are frequently offered to enhanced students, including: the University of Toronto Mentorship Programme, the Queens E=MC2 Enhanced Programme, Encounters with Canada, the Central Ontario Leadership Conference, and Shad Valley Programme, just to mention a few.

    • Lorne Park also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities that all students are encouraged to participate in.



Enhanced students study a different curriculum than academic students.
This is false. Students in enhanced classes follow the same basic curriculum as academic classes. When appropriate students are given opportunities to look at subjects in greater depth and breadth.


Enhanced classes are more work.
This is false. Students in enhanced classes receive the same number of assignments and other evaluations as students in academic classes and are evaluated in the same way.


Enhanced students marks are lower than those students in a regular academic class.
This is false. Enhanced students are not marked any differently than their academic counterparts. In fact, marks in an enhanced class tend to be significantly higher than in other classes.

Lorne Park recognizing the importance of our enhanced programming and this year has renewed commitment of staff allocation and time to investigate further opportunities to extend enhanced programming well beyond the classroom.


If you require any further information on our enhanced programme, please feel free to contact 
Ms. Sarah Vanstone at ext. 413 or visit our Enhanced Program section.

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