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Lorne Park Secondary School offers a Learning Support program for all students who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and, as well, for students who have been identified by their teachers as needing additional support.


Learning Support Model:


Level 1:

  • Level 1 is implemented through a regularly timetabled credit course (GLE) and is available to these students during each of their 4 years in high school
  •  GLE 100-400 will replace one of a student’s timetabled periods (French is the course most often replaced in grade 9)
  • The GLE course explores learning strategies and helps students become better, more independent learners

Level 2:

  •  Level 2 is offered as a supplemental support to Level 1 (e.g. as in Semester 2) or as a stand-alone level of support for students who require ongoing assistance but may not require a GLE course
  • Student progress will be ‘monitored’ by Special Education teachers through communication with subject teachers and with the students themselves
  • General and specific accommodations will be implemented on an “as needed” basis at the student’s requestor at the teacher’s suggestion
  • Each student will be assigned a Special Education teacher, who will conference with student periodically throughout the year.



The following General Accommodations will be available to all IEP'd students. These students will also receive Specific Accommodations as outlined in their individual plans.

  • A level 1 course, GLE 100 (when needed a second credit is added in grade 10 and in a few instances a third and fourth credit is recommended)
  • Assistance planning, organizing and proofreading written work
  • Access to a computer for written work (portable 'Alphasmart' laptops available on loan)
  • Access to Assistive Technology (Kurzweil, Dragon, Premier)
  • Alternative location for exam/test writing
  • Increased quiz, test and exam time

How Parents Can Help:

  • Establish, with your child, a routine around “schoolwork”.
  • Come to Parents’ nights
  • Call the teacher if your son/daughter is not forthcoming with school information
  • Follow up report card comments with teacher and son/daughter
  • Encourage student’s strengths

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