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Subject Awards  ​


A subject award will be presented to the student with the highest mark across all sections of a course within the school year. If two or more students receive the same highest mark, all students with that mark will receive the award.​

Letter and Key Awards   


Through its Letter and Key awards, Lorne Park staff recognizes high achievement in each of the three main areas of school life - Academic, Athletics and Citizenship.



Lorne Park Academic, Athletic and Citizenship Letters


Academic Letter


An Academic Letter will be awarded to a student who exhibits consistently high academic performance. A standing of 80% or more in 7 semesters out of 8 semesters for OSS students (Gr. 9, 10, 11 & 12) is required. Standing is based on students taking a minimum of 3 courses in a semester. A student will be awarded 10 points for each semester on the Honour Roll to a maximum of 80 points.The Academic Letter is granted in a student's graduating year and is presented at Commencement each fall. To be eligible for this award courses must be taken during regular day school as a full-time student. In order to qualify for an academic letter, a student must have been a Lorne Park student for at least six semesters.

NOTE: No summer school, night school, or other marks achieved at private institutions are considered.


Athletic Letter


An Athletic Letter will be awarded to any student who accumulates 80 points through participation and success in ROPSSAA sanctioned sports. Participation on a minimum of two teams is required. This award is presented at the annual Athletic Banquet. Please note that athletic points will be granted for one team per sport season as participation on teams is limited to one team per season.


Citizenship Letter


A Citizenship Letter rewards school community involvement and will be awarded to any student who accumulates 80 points from a minimum of three different areas of involvement with no more than 40 points in any one area such as Music , Drama or Student Council. The Citizenship Letter is presented during our Student Recognition Assembly or at Commencement depending upon the year the 80 points are accumulated.




Lorne Park Bronze, Sliver, Gold and Platinum Key Awards


Bronze Key Award


Our Bronze Award is awarded at our fall Student Recognition Assembly to students who have earned a total of 40 points in two or more areas in their Grade 9 year (see Letter criteria). This award is designed to recognize our junior students early who are likely aiming to pursue higher key awards.


Silver Key Award


The Silver Award will be awarded to students who have achieved a total of 80 points with a maximum of 40 points in any one area (see Letter criteria). This award will be awarded at our Student Recognition assembly but may also be received at Commencement.


Gold  Key  Award


Students receiving our Gold Key will have earned a minimum of 140 points in two or more areas (see Letter criteria). Recipients of the Gold Key must have earned their Academic Letter. Students will receive this award at Commencement.


Platinum Key


This is Lorne Park's highest award. Students receiving this distinguished honour will have earned a minimum of 240 points and achieved standing in all three Letters (see Letter criteria). This award, along with a history of the students' accomplishments will be highlighted and received by our most deserving candidates at our Commencement ceremonies. Students earning points toward any of the following awards (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) must do so in their first four years of high school in order to be eligible.


How many points do I have ?


Points are awarded by approval of the staff support member for each club or sport in April and May of each school year. Your accumulated points and eligibility for Awards can be accessed sending an email with your Name and Student Number to :


[email protected]


You will receive an email back showing your points recorded in each Letter Catagory as well as Keys and Letters awarded to date.


For club/ band/ event participation that you feel has not been reflected on your records please submit the form at the link below. Your request will be sent to the club support teacher and added to your records when approved.


LP Points Request Form


To discuss your points and potential Keys and Letters Awards please see Mr Panning in Room 166 or email at [email protected].







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