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Lorne Park's Wellness Initiative




Mission Statement:


To provide our students with the tools to develop a healthy approach to mind, body and spirit.


We have formed a Student Wellness Committee this year at Lorne Park in response to the concerns of parents and teachers regarding the overall well being of our youth.


We organized this committee to address three major areas: Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Mental Health Education, and Student Clubs which promote tolerance and acceptance; such as Karma (anti-bullying) and the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance).


Thus far we have organized and held a MADD assembly for all grades, a drug and alcohol assembly for junior grades, and mental health education assemblies for the junior and senior grades.  We are helping our students deal with grief and loss through a bereavement support group at the school.  Students were also given the opportunity to express themselves through their own “Making It Better” videos.


Staff sponsorship of  a Running Club, yoga and pilates classes are aimed at helping students recognize fitness as a way of reducing stress and anxiety.  We are also implementing the new Food and Beverage policy at our school which promotes healthy eating.


We plan to continue this committee as a means of supporting the well being of our student body.

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