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Requirement for Returning Volunteers:


Please click to view for further information: Office Declaration for Returning Volunteers.pdf 



Lorne Park Football:  


The alumni and parent boosters of Lorne Park's Football teams have created their own web presence to celebrate the history and legacy of the LP Football lore. With 21 Senior Ropssaa Championships and 17 Junior Ropssaa Championships , our school has won the football title more than any other school in Peel ! Visit their website at the link below ...


Lorne Park Football Boosters Website


 Athletic Teams: 


Alpine Ski- Co-Ed, Varsity winter 
Badminton- Co-Ed, Senior Varsity  spring
Baseball- Boys, Varsity  spring
Basketball- Boys, Senior winter 
Basketball- Girls, Senior Varsityfall  
Cricket- Boys- Varsity  spring
Cross Country- Co-Ed, Midget, Junior, Seniorfall  
Curling- Co-Ed, Varsity winter 
Fastpitch/Slopitch- Girls, Varsity  spring
Field Hockey- Girls, Varsityfall  
Flag Football- Girls, Varsityfall  
Football- Boys, Juniorfall  
Football- Boys, Seniorfall  
Golf- Co-Ed, Varsityfall  
Hockey- Boys, Senior winter 
Hockey- Girls- Senior winter 
Lacrosse- Boys, Varsity  spring
Lacrosse- Girls- Junior, Senior, Varsity  spring
Nordic Ski- Co-ed, Varsity winter 
Rugby- Junior, Boys  spring
Rugby- Senior, Boys  spring
Rugby- Girls-Senior,Varsity  spring
Soccer- Boys, Junior  spring
Soccer- Girls, Junior  spring
Soccer- Boys, Senior  spring
Soccer- Girls, Senior  spring
Swimming- Co-Ed, Varsity winter 
Table Tennis- Co-Ed, Varsity winter 
Tennis- Co-Ed, Juniorfall  
Tennis-  Co-Ed, Senior fall  
Track and Field- Co-Ed, Varsity  spring
Ultimate Frisbee- Co-Ed, Varsity  spring
Volleyball- Boys- SeniorFall  
Volleyball- Girls- Junior winter 
Volleyball- Girls- Senior winter 


High school athletics are not only fun, but help students develop a healthy sense of competition that helps individuals develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

To learn more about athletics in Peel, visit the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association.

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