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A yearbook is just one of the ways students can stay connected to their high school experience. This important keepsake captures the school year in pictures and words, and helps students remember their experiences.

Creating a memorable yearbook takes work, preparation and focus. High school yearbooks generally cover a wide variety of topics from academics, student life, sports and other major school events.

Lorne Park's Yearbook Editorial Team 


Publishing a high quality professionally edited book each year requires a team effort with exceptional amounts of determination and commitment. Each year almost 200 pages must be created , written , photographed, formatted , double checked and published under crushing real life deadlines. Content for the yearbook must be gathered from almost 75 clubs and activities , over 35 sports and over 1200 student pictures and grad comments organized by a select group of 15 student editorial staff led by editors Noah Sunga and Taranjeet Grewal.


The reward is for yearbook staff is pride in production of a book that is both anticpated and well received by over 1100 students each year. The LP Yearbook has won North American Yearbook Publishing awards in 2004 and 2010 and continues to create a valued school memory that continues to surpass social media and the digital age. Signing a yearbook is a timeless tradition that will carry on for years to come !


Yearbook staff is chosen by interview by the Editorial Board each spring to work on the following years product. Applications and Interview schedules are posted on the Yearbook Office door in May. To learn more about this challenging club please speak to an editor or staff editor to find out how you could fit in to the team !







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