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Choosing one’s path in life—whether it involves higher education, participating in an apprenticeship or directly entering the workforce—requires time and planning. Keep reading to learn the requirements to graduate from high school, and how to fulfil these requirements in either daytime or evening classes.

Makingmyway.ca offers online resources and tools to help students make informed decisions and explore their options after high school, including:

  • Videos of Peel graduates
  • Flash movies
  • Jobs of the future
  • Tips for parents
  • Careers with links to training
  • Links to online resources

Changes to Cohorts and Timetables

With the introduction of 'quadmesters' and the reduction of our school's classes, changes to timetables have become considerably more limited.  Stricter guidelines to maintain our students' health and safety, restrictions due to classroom size, limitations to the number of students per class and cohorting also limit our ability to make course changes. We will review course changes with consideration of the following parameters: 


Grade 11 and 12

  • Drops - Students in grades 11 or 12, that are on track to graduate, can drop a course.
  • Quad 1 changes: Only changes due to summer school, accepted into an online course, a graduation requirement, a pathway change, and/or prerequisites for post-secondary will be considered.  See below for information on how to schedule an appointment.
  • Changes to courses in quads 2 - 4 will be considered at a later date.  Information on this will be communicated ahead of quad 2.

Grades 9 and 10

  • There will be no changes to timetables for grade 9s and 10s for the first quadmester unless they are missing a course, enrolled in an online course, have taken a course over the summer or making a pathway change.  Counsellors will review and communicate any change to this procedure before the start of quads 2-4.


  • Students planning to apply to post-secondary should be able to manage 2 academic courses within a Quad.  Timetable changes due to workload cannot be considered for quad 1.

    Cohort changes
  • We will not be able to consider requests for cohort changes unless they are for siblings who reside in the same home due to class size balances between cohorts and Public Health guidelines that would restrict a student from attending school in a different cohort in the same week.


Guidance Appointments

Visitors to the school are not permitted at this time due to current health guidelines and counsellor face to face contacts are being limited.  Parents and students wishing to make an appointment with a counsellor can do so by contacting a counsellor via email (preferred) or by phone.  Please note that due to the number of calls and emails, it will take time for the counsellor to respond.

Please email your counsellor (see below) with:

    Name of student

    A brief description of the reason for a timetable change (see previous criteria)

    Parent copied on the email



Last Name                  Counsellor 

A – F                           [email protected] (for Ms.Wells/Ms. Say)  ext. 421

G – O                           [email protected]  ext. 420

P – Z                            [email protected]             ext .414

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