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Today’s mathematics curriculum must prepare students for their future roles in society. It must equip them with essential mathematical knowledge and skills and most importantly, with the ability and incentive to continue on their own learning. The development of mathematical knowledge is a gradual process. Thus, a coherent and continuous program is necessary to help students recognize the underlying principles of mathematics.


The mathematics courses offered at the secondary level build upon the fundamentals of important skills, concepts, processes, and attitudes that are fostered through elementary school. The strands used are similar to those of the elementary program, with adjustments made to reflect the new directions mathematics takes in secondary school. The mathematics curriculum promotes lifelong learning for students by encouraging the application of problem-solving skills to other disciplines and real world situations.


Using a variety of instructional, assessment and evaluation strategies, teachers provide numerous opportunities for students to develop skills of inquiry, reasoning, problem solving and communication as they investigate and learn fundamental concepts. Opportunities to relate knowledge and skills to these wider contexts – to the goals and concerns of the world in which they live – will motivate students to learn and to become lifelong learners.


MATHEMATICSGr. 9Gr. 10Gr. 11Gr. 12
​Principles of Mathematics - DestreamedMPM 1D0
Mathematics – Locally Developed MAT 1L0  
Foundations of Mathematics – AppliedMFM 2P0  
Principles of Mathematics – AcademicMPM2D0  
​Mathematics - Locally Developed MAT 2L0
Foundations for College Mathematics – College   MBF 3C0 
Functions and Applications – University/College   MCF 3M0 
Functions – University   MCR 3U0 
Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life – Workplace   MEL 3E0MEL 4E0
Foundations for College Math – College    MAP 4C0
Calculus and Vectors – University   MCV 4U0
Mathematics of Data Management – University    MDM 4U0
Advanced Functions – University    MHF 4U0


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