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Physical Education


Healthy active living benefits both individuals and society in many ways, including increasing productivity, improving morale, decreasing absenteeism, reducing health-care costs, and heightening personal satisfaction. There is a growing body of scientific research indicating that involvement in daily physical activity leads to improved academic performance.


The health and physical education curriculum has been designed to provide learning experiences that help students realize their potential in life. Students develop an understanding of the importance of physical fitness, health, and well-being and the factors that contribute to them; a personal commitment to daily vigorous physical activity; and positive health behaviours, skills and knowledge they require to participate in physical activities throughout their lives. This practical, balanced approach helps students move successfully through secondary school and beyond.


Healthy Active Living Education – Female PPL 1OFPPL 2OFPPL 3OFPPL 4OF
Healthy Active Living Education – Male PPL 1OMPPL 2OMPPL 3OMPPL 4OM
Personal and Fitness Activities – Female   PAF 3OFPAF 4OF
Personal and Fitness Activities – Male   PAF 3OMPAF 4OM
Fundamentals of Basketball – co-ed   PAL 3O0PAL 4O0
Fundamentals of Soccer and Ball Hockey – co-ed PAL 2O0  
​Exercise Science​PSK4U
​Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership ​PLF4M


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