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Choosing one’s path in life—whether it involves higher education, participating in an apprenticeship or directly entering the workforce—requires time and planning. Keep reading to learn the requirements to graduate from high school, and how to fulfil these requirements in either daytime or evening classes. offers online resources and tools to help students make informed decisions and explore their options after high school, including:

  • Videos of Peel graduates
  • Flash movies
  • Jobs of the future
  • Tips for parents
  • Careers with links to training
  • Links to online resources

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You can email directly our Student Services department with any inquiries at: [email protected]



GUIDANCE AND CAREER EDUCATIONGrade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
Career Studies (half-credit) GLC2O0 
Learning StrategiesGLS1O0   
Leadership and Peer Support  GPP3O0 



GUIDANCE STAFF  -  2019-2020



Alpha Responsibility


Ms. N. Ladwa



Ms. V. Keldo-McDonald



Ms. Bennett-ChaturaPI-Z



Office Assistant

Ms. J. Papandrea              Extension    410


Support Staff

Social Worker

Ms. P. Laitila

At Louise Arbour S.S. on Thursdays

School Psychologist

Ms. C. Skowron

At Louise Arbour S.S. on Thursdays

Settlement Worker

Ms. R. Naqvi

At Louise Arbour S.S. on Wednesdays & Fridays


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