Regional Arts (RAP)
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For 2020/2021 School Year, please return back closer to the end of 2019.



PDSB Student 


If you are currently a PDSB student, to complete your registration, please complete the following steps:


1) Log into myBlueprint through BYOD page.  Your original submission has been reallowed.

2) Click on High School Planner

3) Select ***** and REMOVE ****** OR ***** from your course selection

4) Select ***** and REMOVE one of your optional courses: ******

5) Submit your new course selection no later than Thursday, February 21st, 2019. 


Your School's Guidance Counsellors can assist you with this process.






If you are currently a NON-PEEL PUBLIC student, you must open the links below, print all required paperwork and bring, with required official documents, to Mrs. Mercer, in the RAP Office at Mayfield SS.  Hours 8am-4pm, Monday thru Friday.


2019.2020 Registration Forms.pdf


RAP DANCE 2019-2020.docx


RAP DRAMA 2019-2020.docx


RAP MUSIC 2019-2020.docx


RAP VISUAL ARTS 2019-2020.docx


Please ensure all paperwork has been received by Thursday February 21st, 2019






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