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Use of Technology Contract

In the past, many schools used a technology contract, which included expectations for students in the appropriate use of technology, that was to be signed by both students in and parents.  All of the expectations that were previously articulated in this contract have been updated and included in the new Code of Conduct.  As a result, the practice of sending home a contract for signature is now discontinued, and is replaced by the acknowledgement process as described below.


Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

In September 2015, every student will be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the school's Code of Conduct the first time he/she logs into a school computer.  When the student logs in, a pop-up window will appear, with the school's Code of Conduct and two buttons labelled "Accept" and "Decline".  The student will be able to scroll to read the Code and then make a selection.  If the student chooses "Decline" or clicks the red X on the pop-up window, then the computer will reset to the log-in screen, and the student will not be able to use the computer.  In that case, if the student attempts to login again, he/she will once again be presented with the acknowledgement box.  Only if the student selects "Accept" will the computer continue the login process and the student will be able to use the computer.


Students will only have to acknowledge the Code of Conduct once per year.

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