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 Parent Guide to help with Grade 9 Transition

How parents can help with the SHIFT from Grade 8 to Grade 9.  Click here for the guide.


Rainbows Canada - Hope and Support

An organization that supports children and teens dealing with separation, divorce and death. No charge to families. They do accept donations and run fund raisers.


Our Peel contact is Helen McQuade 905: 951-0939 or 905: 278-0615.

Go to for more information.


Eating Disorders

Dying to be Thin. Click here for the PBS website featuring 8 short videos.


Positive Communication Strategies

For grade 9 parents  click here for some positive communication strategies.


Parenting Teenagers

Need Some Advice? Take a look at

Dr. Scott Wooding has written three books about parenting adolescents.


What's in Your Toolkit?

"Our minds and those of our children are like toolkits. They are filled with these delicate instruments for learning and for applying what's learned." - Dr. Mel Levine, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of All Kinds of Minds Millions of children struggle in school daily because of differences in learning. The causes are often unknown, specific problems can be difficult to pinpoint, and the long-terms effects hard to predict. Struggling children are often misunderstood by the adult world and themselves. All Kinds of Minds is pleased to announce the official launch of the online Parent Toolkit. The Parent Toolkit is a free resource designed to give parents and


Brian Thwaits

Brain Trainer (look at his book "The Big Learn")


Miscellaneous Book Resources

Teenage Brain Teenage mind by Dr Ron Clavier.

 What Colour is Your Parachute? for teens by Richard Bolles and Carol Christen

The Parenting Crisis by Dr. Scott Wooding ( two other books as well)

Analyse Yourself by Dr. Karyn Gordon

The Myth of Laziness by Mel Levine (other books as well)


Probably available through Chapters, Amazon etc..


Miscellaneous Web Links

Ontario School Counsellors' Association


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