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Karyn Gordon: Parent - Teen Internet Issues

Karyn Gordon is a parent-teen coach. More information available at

Internet Issues - parents and teens (digital divide)


Some websites to consider:

MSN premium package or


It gives you a weekly history report and gives you detail about your teen's activity on the Internet. It is $4.95 per month if you use Sympatico as your ISP and $120.00 per year if use another provider. On the MSN website there is other information about online safety. is also a good resource.


To place time limits on the Internet -


Teens and MSN:

1.Make sure your PC is secure - no viruses, spyware

2.You have installed Service Pack 2

3.You have enabled the personal firewall.

4.Location of the PC - not in the student's bedroom!

5.Ask them for their buddy list - Who is on it? Do you know all of them? Have you met them in person?


Five golden rules about Internet use:

1.Keep personal information to yourself. Never give it out.

2.People may not be who they say they are

3.Do not open attachments from strangers

4.Do not set up meetings with online strangers

5.Speak to an adult immediately if you are concerned.


Teens need to understand that the Internet is a privilege, not a right. There must be boundaries.

MSN chat and email take down the boundaries with respect to communication. At the same time students must learn boundaries - what is appropriate and what is not (e.g. cyber bullying)

MSN chat - students use their own language on MSN, lots of acronyms. E.g. PLOS means parent looking over my shoulder!! (stop discussing issue)

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