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The Arts Program @ MSS


Experiences in the arts – drama, non-traditional arts, music, and the visual arts – play a valuable role in the education of all students. The arts nourish the imagination and develop a sense of beauty, while providing unique ways for students to gain insights into the world around them.


All of the arts communicate through complex symbols – verbal, visual, and aural – and help students understand aspects of life in different ways. In The Arts Program at MSS our primary focus is Social Justice.  Through this theme students gain insights into areas such as bullying, discrimination, equality and poverty, through exposure to and creation of works of art.  They can imagine what it would be like to be in the same situation as a character in a play, a musician on stage, or an artist in their studio, and try to understand that person’s point of view. They identify common values, both aesthetic and human, in various works of art, and in doing so, increase their understanding of self, other and the world. 


In producing their own works, they communicate their insights while developing artistic skills and aesthetic judgment. Since artistic activities are closely connected to play and human interaction, students experience a sense of wonder and joy when engaged in the arts, which can motivate them to participate more fully in cultural life and in educational opportunities. 


Welcome to The Arts Program @ MSS. 


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