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Grade 9 and 10 Course Outlines




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How can I better manage my time, resources and dealings with others to improve my chances of success in secondary school and the world beyond?


What useful knowledge, skills and habits do I already possess and how can I improve them to be more successful in secondary school and life in general? 


How can I best chart a successful course for my post-secondary education, work and life?


These are some of the challenges that students face during their time at secondary school. 

These are also some of the questions that guidance counsellors seek to help students answer.


Welcome to the Guidance and Student Services Department at Mississauga Secondary School! The main goal of the Guidance Department at Mississauga Secondary School is to assist students in their overall development. Our mission as guidance counsellors is to ensure that all students are supported in their physical, social, emotional, educational, and career development. Counsellors also strive to make sure that all students successfully achieve their personal goals and become contributing members in the community.


As students transition through secondary school, the Guidance Department at Mississauga Secondary School helps to prepare them for a complex and changing world by:

  • providing resources and tools to help explore options and make informed decisions
  • helping to develop skills and strategies that support academic achievement and overall well-being
  • making subject and pathway recommendations to fit individual needs
  • promoting awareness of the various post-secondary pathways available (college, college bridge to university, university, apprenticeship and the workplace)
  • being available to discuss personal challenges and provide emotional support
  • assisting in accessing in-school and community resources, and making referrals to community agencies and social services
  • being accessible daily and available for lunch-time drop in
  • being accessible to parents and members of the community
  • facilitating collaboration between school officials, families, professionals and the community

Through guidance and support, students will become more confident, motivated, and engaged learners. They will learn to set goals for education and training in secondary and post-secondary school. They will develop learning and employability skills. Ultimately, students will learn how to manage their learning throughout their lives so that they can be successful in their future endeavors!

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Office Assistant

Ms. T. Demptster                 ext. 419



Mr. G. Carrega     (A - F)    ext. 413

Ms. K. Driessen   (G - O)   ext. 417

Ms. D. Moretta     (P - Z)    ext.  421

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