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Computer Studies


Computer Studies is a field that is relevant to all students from grade 10-12. It focuses on teaching logical thinking and problem solving skills, skills that are increasingly critical to all citizens of the information age we live in, and skills that are typically not taught in any other course.  Students start with the basics of how computers run programs, through the basics of current programming languages such as Alice, Java, web based programming, up to programming fully functional apps for Apple IPods and IPads.



In this class, we focus on developing fun and simple apps to run on android based mobile devices.  Games, puzzles, simple but useful tools are all covered in this class.  We also learn some of the basics of how computer hardware and software work together, and some of the exciting career opportunities in the fast paced, high demand, high paying field. 


We move into the Java programming language, with more advanced programming structures and techniques.  We also learn HTML, Javascript, and a little CSS, so that we can program apps for virtually any mobile device currently in existence. 


 Advanced programming concepts such as recursion, sorting algorithms, reading and writing text files, large project management skills, and wireless app development (one of IPod, Blackberry, or Android).

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