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Student Activity Council

Each high school in Peel selects a group of students to represent the interests of all students in the school. The election process, number of student council members, role of the members and president, and even the titles of those elected can vary from school to school.

Student activity councils help share students’ ideas, interests and concerns with both teachers and administrators. They play a very important role in each school.

Visit the Student Activity Council section of the Peel board website for more information.


SAC 2011-2012


North Park Secondary School’s Student Activity Council is comprised of an elected body, selected ministers, and a general assembly. While the council itself is as diverse as they come, all members have one characteristic in common: The sense of dedication needed to make the school a better place. Acting as the backbone of the school, SAC provides start-up capital for new clubs and efforts throughout the school, while constantly working toward promoting unity within the school by holding events such as the annual winter semi-formal, in which students are given a chance to interact with their peers in a safe setting, outside the classroom. The work of North Park’s SAC is extensive, in that they must also be wary of the school’s infrastructural needs. In the past year, the SAC has introduced a series of screens throughout the school which work to promote school activities by presenting the daily announcements in visual form. Likewise, upon request from the male population, the SAC recently installed mirrors in the boy’s washrooms. While many students view SAC members as the “bosses” of the school, it would be more accurate to say that SAC members are leaders who envision, inspire, listen—all while living and breathing North Park.



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