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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about SAC:


What is SAC?

SAC (Student Activity Council) is a student led organization that handles and supervises activities made for the students by students. It is composed of hard working individuals, assigned specific positions, and led by the elected President and Vice President through out the year. Innovative ideas and concerns can be presented to the council, so that they can find ways to create a successful school year.

When are the meetings?

We hold weekly meetings for the executive council every Tuesday after school. There are also general council meetings open to all students which happen after school on the second Tuesday of every month.


Where are the general member meetings?

Grade 9s: 222

Grade 10s: 220

Grade 11s: 218

Grade 12s: 224


Who can I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

You can speak to any SAC member or speak to Ms. Sukhija in the science office. You can find SAC members on the SAC bulletin board or check our council members page at



How can I join the executive council?

Election for president, vice president and grade reps will be held near the end of this year. You will fill a form, and winning candidates will be chosen by voting.

Applications for other exec positions will be out in September of next year. We pick candidates from all grade so do apply if interested.


How can I start a club?

As simple as:

1) Find a teacher to supervise

2) Talk to your VP to get it approved

3) That’s it! It can start after that!


How can I contact someone for more information about SAC?

You can talk to one of our members, tweet us @northparksac, add us on Facebook (NP SAC), or talk to a council member in person!


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