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The following is a list of sports offered in the 2019-2020 academic year at North Park. Depending on student and coach availability, new sports can be offered and/or some sports may not run. Come out and join a North Park team to be a part of the fun!


Fall Teams

Girls Flag Football - Ms Leca, Ms Hirsch

Junior Boys Volleyball  - Mr. Croft
Senior Boys Volleyball - Mr. Babiera
Tennis - Mr. Shelley

Cross Country - Mr. Zucconi and Ms Adam


Winter Teams

Swim Team - Ms. Collins, Ms Gignac

Table Tennis - Mr. Shelley, Ms Lea, Mr. Zucconi

Jr. Girls Volleyball - Ms Holtom, Ms Blazina

Sr. Girls Volleyball - Mr. Babiera

Wrestling Team - Mr. Gravina, Mr. Budhram, Mr. D'Apice


Spring Teams

Spring into sports and get yourself outside to add some play to Semester 2!

Jr. Badminton - Mr. Babiera

Sr. Badminton - Mr. Croft

Girls Cricket, Jr. & Sr. Boys Cricket  - Mr. Budhram

Slo-Pitch - Ms Leca, Ms Collins

Sr. Boys Soccer - Mr. D'Apice

Varsity Girls Soccer - Mr. Fannon

Ultimate Frisbee - Mr. Zucconi, Mr. Shelley


High school athletics are not only fun, but help students develop a healthy sense of competition that helps individuals develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

To learn more about athletics in Peel, visit the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association.

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