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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the graduation statistics of PAS students?

Trending date for Peel Alternative School reports that graduation rates for students completeing Ontario Secenday School Diplomas (OSSD) has steadily increased. Data collected is as follows: School Year Number of Students Granted OSSD 2005-06 130 2006-07 162 2007-08 225 2008-09 323 2009-10 366 2010-11 380 2011-12 440 Peel Alternative School Climate Survey in May 2011, asked 301 students to statements regarding their experiences at PAS. One statement focused on student success: "This atlernative setting has helped me meet my needs". Students responded as follows: Students who agreed or strongly agreed: 82.9% Students who disagreed or strongly disagreed: 5.8%

Q. How safe do students attending PAS feel?

Peel Alternative School Climate Survey, published in May 2011, asked 301 students to respond to statement regarding their experience at PAS. In response to the statement: "I feel safe in my school": Students who agree or strongly agree: 88% Students who disagreed or strongly disagreed: .3% Peel Alternative School is the proud recipient of the Ministry of Education's Safe Schools award, granted in June 2012 - one of 10 school in POntario. For further information regarding this accomplishment, please visit: This survey will be conducted again during the 2012-13 school year.

Q. Can the office fax a copy of my transcript to another school/college?

Yes. When a student or parent requests that a transcript be sent, a handwritten and signed request must be forwarded to PAS. This process is meant to protect your privacy according to the prescribed operating procedures of the Peel District School Board before sending. NOTE: When sensitive or confidential information must be sent by fax, the sender should call ahead to ensure that there is someone available to receive the transmission and ensure that it is disposed of appropriately.

Q. How can I register at PAS?

All Peel District School Board students must register for the Peel Alternative School through the vice-principal at his/her home school, or the last Peel board school you attended. Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board students should inquire about alternative programs offered at the Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School through his/her home school. Students from schools outside of Peel must first register in a Peel District School Board home school in order to get a referral to PAS. Parents/guardians can call 905-890-1010/1-800-668-1146, ext. 2212, to find out their teen’s home school. Once the student is registered, discuss schooling options with a guidance counsellor or administrator at that school.

Q. My referral was sent to PAS, can I come in to register?

No. Once your referral has been approved, Peel Alternative School staff will call you to set up an appointment to meet with the vice-principal or guidance counsellor to select your courses and register. Usually Peel Alternative staff will call you within a week of referral from your home school. If you have not been contacted, PAS may have had difficulty contacting you. Please call your home school again.

Q. What courses are offered at PAS?

There are many course offerings at a variety of academic levels. Please discuss your schooling options with a guidance counsellor or administrator at PAS when you register.

Q. Once registered how can I change a course?

Make an appointment to see your guidance counsellor at the main office to discuss course selection.

Q. I can’t make it to class today. How can I let my teacher know?

You must call the office and leave a voice message on your teacher’s voice mail. Contact information will be given to you during your first meeting with the vice-principal or guidance counsellor when you register at PAS.

Q. How can I check my son/daughter’s attendance?

Parents/guardians can contact the school to verify their teen’s attendance.

Q. How can I get a copy of my student transcript (Ontario Student Record OSR)?

Call the office to make the request, giving your student number.

Q. How can I find out where to do community hours?

You can make an appointment to see your guidance counsellor at the main office to discuss community hours.

Q. When does the school year start?


See our calendar​ for important school year dates including the start and end of the school year. 

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