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​Growing Success


What does Evaluation look like on a Report Card?


Your mark will be determined by your most consistent level of recent achievement. Your understanding of the course material will be assessed using four categories:

• Knowledge/Understanding               Do you get it?

• Communication                                 Can you say it?

• Thinking                                            Can you add to it?

• Application                                       Can you do it?


Your learning skills will also be assessed over the duration of your course:

• Responsibility                                   Do you complete work and manage your behavior?

• Organization                                    Can you predict, prepare, process and proceed?

• Independent Work                           Do you complete tasks seeking teacher assistance when necessary?

• Collaboration                                   Do you share, support, respect, and co-operate?

• Initiative                                           Do you meet challenges and seek more?

• Self-Regulation                               Can you set goals and monitor your progress?


Your midterm and final report cards will include teacher comments in each of the following areas:

• Strengths                                     What are you good at?

• Next Steps                                   How can you work on it?


What if you skip a few Units?


You must attempt each unit in the course. Incomplete units will significantly reduce your mark and may put your credit at risk.


What do Marks Mean?


Your teacher can express your mark using feedback, percentages (75%) or levels (3).

• Your midterm report marks are calculated based on 5 of 10 units for GLS?

• Your final report marks will be calculated as follows:

             • 70% of your final grade will be based on your 10 units

             • 30% of your final grade will be based on your final evaluation.


Missed Evaluations and Plagiarism


Submitting evidence of your learning helps you and the teacher see an accurate reflection of your progress. Missing an evaluation could put your credit at risk. Plagiarism is pretending someone else’s work is your own. Do not do it! As a consequence, you may have to write the assignment over again or receive a zero.

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