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Regional SciTech

 The SciTech program at Port Credit Secondary School is a four-year program that integrates a “HANDS-ON, MINDS-ON” philosophy that provides students with an interactive approach to learning.  The merging of science and technology in the classroom enables students to better understand our modern world and prepare students for the 21st century. The program is enhanced through the Science and Technology curriculum and through participation in activities such as excursions, guest speakers, competitions and clubs.


Students are selected on the basis of their interest, curiosity and enthusiasm for both  science and technology.  Students will be involved in the design, creation and testing of scientific and technological models.  The SciTech program emphasizes hands-on skill building, critical thinking, creativity and group dynamics.  The program supports student interest in a variety of careers in science, technology and engineering through the exploration of pathways including apprenticeships, colleges and universities.  The program is enhanced through the science and technology curriculum and through participation in activities such as:  excursions, guest speakers, competitions and clubs.


Students may choose from either the academic or applied levels of instruction.  The applied level can only be offered if there is a sufficient number of qualified candidates


The SciTech Program at Port Credit is open to all students entering Grade 9, who live south of the 401. There have been some changes to the Peel Board Secondary Regional Program application policy.  Students outside of Peel Region entering Grade 9, may now apply to Regional Programs.  Students living in Peel Region, who meet the criteria for acceptance to the program and who live south of the 401, will be offered spots at Port Credit Secondary School first.  Students who meet the program criteria, and who live outside of Peel Region, will be offered spots once local student applicants have been accommodated.  In some cases, all spots may be offered to students who live in Peel.  


In keeping with the Board’s policy for regional programs, bussing is not provided. Paid transportation however, is available to students Companies to be announced.  for School Bus Transportation.  Please note that Peel District School Board policy states that students who choose to leave a Regional Program must return to their "home" school, and may not continue at the Regional program school if they are not participating in the program.


* Please note, in previous years, applicants to the SciTech Program from Peel Region have far exceeded the number of spots in the program.



Non Peel District School Board Students:

(Students who go to Separate School's and Private Schools) 

 Non Peel Students to complete your application to the SciTech Program Please email your most recent Report Card, and a copy of your IEP if (applicable.)  Email to [email protected] or fax 905-278-8936 attention SciTech Applications, please quote your ID number.



 Please note: all Regional Programs will use the same date as the final date to accept placement 


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