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SciTech Portfolio

Instruction Package



A portfolio is a collection of your work that showcases you and your accomplishments.  Many people in a variety of careers create portfolios and use them to secure jobs, gain promotions, bid for projects and document their professional growth.


In the SciTech program, you will gain experiences and certifications that go beyond the criteria required to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. As a required component to earn the SciTech Certificate, the portfolio will enable you to encapsulate your skills, knowledge, and experiences in a professional document.  Remember that the portfolio is your property and you can enhance the appearance and format to reflect your own individual strengths and skills.


Some portfolio items are self-selected and there are also some required components. Required components and artifacts are described in the following pages.  More information is available on the SciTech Portfolio link of the school website.


Your portfolio should be peer-reviewed on a yearly basis. In your graduating year, you will be presenting your full portfolio to staff. Presentation of your portfolio is a requirement to receive your SciTech Certificate.


Timelines and Required Components each Year


It will be important to work on your portfolio throughout the year. Lists of the items that must be included in your portfolio are outlined in the following checklist tables. To receive credit for required items, evidence must be included in the portfolio.  Examples of evidence include photographs of completed work which include your photograph, rubrics and/or artifacts, such as completed projects.  If no other evidence is available, SciTech Activity Postcards (p. 2) signed by a supervisor may be accepted, up to a maximum of one per school year. Field trips and mandatory contests, and events organized for all SciTech students DO NOT count towards extra-curricular experiences. You will also need to complete reflections that include your comments: What did you enjoy the most? What was most challenging? Why did you select the project?  What insights did you take?


Please also take note of a few additional important points:


  • The criteria "meets expectations" or "exceeds expectations" must be achieved on all components as described in the Portfolio Assessment Rubric (p. 7) in order to successfully earn the SciTech Certificate.
  • Any part of the portfolio may be evaluated for marks during the four years of the SciTech Program as part of regular course work.
  • Keep the following checklists (available online) as a permanent record of your accomplishments. They must be included in your portfolio each year.
  • Academic Integrity - Your SciTech certificate may be placed in jeopardy should you claim others work as evidence of your own



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