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What is SciTech?

SciTech at Port Credit Secondary School is a four year program that integrates a “HANDS-ON”, “MINDS-ON” philosophy that provides students with an interactive approach to learning. Concepts are applied through the merging of science and technology to better understand our modern world.


Students are selected on the basis of their interest, curiosity and enthusiasm for BOTH science and technology. Students will be involved in the design, creation and testing of scientific and technological models. The SciTech program emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and group dynamic skills and prepares students for further studies in medical, engineering, business and technological disciplines. The program is enhanced through excursions, guest speakers and clubs that promote learning in both the science and technological fields. Students may choose from either the academic or applied levels of instruction, to follow pathways to work, college, apprenticeship or university.


The teachers involved in the SciTech program are selected on the basis of their diverse teaching and work related experiences and are committed to providing students with a relevant, practical and stimulating learning environment.


Where is SciTech offered?
SciTech is exclusively located at Port Credit Secondary School, 70 Mineola Road East, in Mississauga  for students living south of the 401 Highway – served by Mississauga Transit’s Route 19 bus (Highway 10/Hurontario Street) and close to the Port Credit GO train station. The Peel Board does not provide transportation to Regional Programs, but there is an opportunity to arrange private bussing at an additional cost.
How is it different from regular high school?

The students involved are all interested, curious and enthused about science and technology. The comprehensive selection process ensures that students who are excited about SciTech meet each other and embark on a collective journey to explore their skills and abilities in courses designed specifically for them.


The teaching staff that makes this happen are experienced teachers with a breadth and depth of expertise garnered from working in both industry and education. The collaborative efforts of the professionals engaged in the design and delivery of the SciTech program ensure that the students are challenged and supported throughout their learning experiences at Port Credit.


Some examples of skills and abilities that SciTech grads can expect to possess as graduates of the program include strong inquiry and communication skills, increased confidence in problem solving, critical thinking skills through analysis and evaluation of products and empirical results as well as the technological and scientific habits of mind nurtured through hands-on design and investigation. The use of advanced technological programs and apparatus such as probes, robotics, CNC machining, 3-D Solid Modeling, PLC, hydraulics and pneumatics ensures that the learning process is engaging and relevant.


An important component of education in the advancing fields of technology and science is experiential learning. SciTech students are able to participate in a wide variety of field trips including visits to industries, post-secondary institutions, workshops and conferences. In addition, guest speakers bring current information into the classroom. Students interested in competing in contests and challenges can join any number of extra-curricular clubs including Robotics, Solar Car Competition, Science Fair, National Biology Competition, Sir Isaac Newton and Avogadro Contests to name a few.


The purposeful linking of technology and science creates a unique foundation for young people to pursue many opportunities in the future. It is our goal to thoroughly prepare students for the challenges and demands of the 21st century.



Who should apply to this program?

  • Students with a keen interest in science and technology and an inquiring mind
  • Students of all abilities and backgrounds, who wish to pursue either academic or applied studies at the secondary level (the applied program will only be offered if there are sufficient qualified applicants)
  • Students who want to go directly on to apprenticeships and the world of work
  • Students who are planning to continue their studies at university or college


How will this help me get into workplace/apprenticeship/college/university?


The experiential learning and the unique program will enhance and enrich your learning to meet your career goals. This however is not a guarantee of getting admissions to any particular college or university program as it depends on the students' performance during  high school. Each post secondary institution has their own selection criteria and it is the students responsibility to meet those requirements. We have highly experienced and knowledgeable Guidance counsellors to help you in this process.



How can I get more information?

Please read the entire FAQ. Then browse through the website www.pcssonline.com



What careers can I pursue if I join SciTech?

You have lots of options in the areas of trades, colleges and university pathways. More information is available on the website www.makingmyway.com




How do I apply?

Follow the application process as outlined on our Application Page. 


 What is the screening test?

There is not a screening test during the 2020/21 application process.  As noted, students will need to complete a short essay in the application. 


Can I call and get a tour of the School ? 

Tours of the school are not being offered at this time due to the strict provincial guidelines for health and safety in secondary schools​. 


How are the students evaluated?

The students are evaluated on the basis of their report card marks and the teacher report card comments. This counts for 50% of the evaluation.  In addition,  students will complete a written assessment and group simulation.  This also counts for 50%.


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