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Camp Wahanowin-- Regional Strings Annual Retreat


The Regional Strings program holds a program- specific Regional Strings Music Camp Retreat in the Fall.  It is a program exptectation that ALL students in the Regional Strings Program (grades 9-12) will attend.  This past fall 2013-2014 school year, the retreat took place from Wednesday , October 16th till Friday October 18th. at Camp Wahanowin, in Orillia, Ontario (about 90 minutes from Mississauga) 


Camp Wahanowin hosts National Music Camp evey summer and, as well as has invited guests, clinicans, and professional camp staff.  Activities include: music community building; leadership activities; individual, and small group, coaching; and a culminating performance on the last day of camp.  Camp Wahanowin is a rewarding learning experience for al our strings students Apx. cost per student is $178.00. 



2013-2014 Camp


Our Annual Regional Strings Retreat, held at Camp Wahanowin in Orillia, took place from Wednesday, October 16th to Friday, October 18th, 2013. At camp, students were engaged in intensive music study and leadership activities, run by Port Credit teachers and qualified camp staff. We look forward to this excursion each year as it provides our students with an important learning opportunity that cannot be duplicated in the classroom, and helps to foster a sense of community among all students in grades 9-12. We are pleased that the retreat has become a Regional Strings tradition at Port Credit!



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